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At Mobility-One Ltd we supply wheelchair accessible vehicles that are prepared to the highest standards, unfortunately it's inevitable that like all used cars; wheelchair accessible vehicles can develop problems. If any issues arise we will work pro-actively to ensure these are dealt with efficiently with the least amount of hassle to you. This promise means we will never insist you have to return the vehicle to us for repairs, if there is a local VAT registered garage that is more convenient for you, and their pricing is in line with industry standards, we will happily complete any repairs.

The warranty we supply is extensive and you will never have to talk to a claims agent as the entire team in the sales department can authorise work and can even arrange a local garage to carry out any repairs if needed. Our used car warranty is clearly written and has no grey areas or hidden clauses as to what is and isn't covered. This ensures you have total peace of mind during warranty period.

Unlike a large number of vehicle retailers we will not disown you at the end of the warranty period. We will endeavour to assist you and in the unlikely event that something does go wrong and you require us to carry out any work on your wheelchair accessible car, we will always charge you a special loyalty rate which is always cheaper than the normal retail price.

As circumstances change in people's lives the need for a wheelchair accessible vehicle may change, unlike many other suppliers we at Mobility-One Ltd will always consider purchasing back both vehicles sourced from us and also vehicles we would be happy to retail to our customers. We offer a nationwide service for both vehicle sales and vehicle purchases.

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