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Top 3 Picks for October

If you are after a quality used vehicle offering full wheelchair access, then let Mobility One help you. We have an extensive range of superb vehicles for your consideration, and can offer you a free test drive at your home. All of our wheelchair access vehicles come with a full valet before sale, a

Which WAV is best for you?

When it comes to getting around, a car is just about as convenient as it gets, especially if you’re a wheelchair-user. Personal accessible transportation for wheelchair-users comes in the form of WAVs, or wheelchair accessible vehicles, as they’re known.

Mobility One's top 3 picks for September

If you are looking for a quality used wheelchair access vehicle then let Mobility One help. Based in Tackley, Oxfordshire, we have a wide range of superb vehicles for you to consider. They all come with a 6-month warranty and full valet before sale along with the option of a free test drive at home.

The 4 most accessible cities in Europe

Are you planning a holiday in Europe but are not quite sure where to go because of accessibility issues? Well, we can help. Below we share four of Europe's most wheelchair-accessible and friendliest cities for you to visit.

Top 3 picks for August

Summer is finally here. So what better time to pack up the car and hit the road? To help you find the perfect car to make your summer holiday the best and most hassle-free it can be, take a look at our top 3 picks for mobility and wheelchair accessible vehicles for the month of August.

What you'll want to know about our after sales service

When you complete a purchase, whether it be for a WAV vehicle or any other major item, you hope that the seller will offer a proper level of after sales service. Sadly, we all know of companies who believe the transaction is completed after payment is made or an agreement signed, and then show littl

How WAV can change your life

With Uber introducing its new UberWAV service you might wonder why you need to invest in a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) yourself. It's quite simple. Owning a WAV can revolutionise your life, giving you the freedom and independence to get out and explore the world with friends and family in an

Why wheelchair accessible vehicles are important for the elderly

For the elderly, especially those who use wheelchairs, getting about can be a limiting factor in life, and simply getting to the shops can even be a difficult, or sometimes impossible task without help. As the body changes as we get older, walking, cycling and even driving can become different, and

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