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  • The 4 most accessible cities in Europe

    accessible cities

    Are you planning a holiday in Europe but are not quite sure where to go because of accessibility issues? Well, we can help. Below we share four of Europe's most wheelchair-accessible and friendliest cities for you to visit.

    Vienna, Austria

    Vienna really is such a friendly city and welcomes tourists from all across the globe. Hotels are nearly always wheelchair friendly, as are the theatres, cafes and public transport. It really is one of the easiest cities to navigate in a wheelchair.

    Rome, Italy

    You may think that Rome could not possibly be wheelchair friendly due to the many hills and its rugged terrain, but Rome is one of the top ten most accessible cities in Europe. Accessible bus tours of the city run every hour and the Vatican has a wheelchair-accessible route. The city has over 700 hotels that are accessible for individuals with a disability or reduced mobility, and navigating the city is easy via a wheelchair.

    Munich, Germany

    Germany has so much to offer, from the wonderful castles to its beer festivals and rich historical culture. Munich is one of the most wheelchair-friendly cities in Germany. Millions of travellers visit this beautiful city each year. All museums in the city and public transport are also accessible for all. There are over 100 accessible hotels in the city alone, allowing you to fully enjoy your German holiday experience.

    Prague, Czech Republic

    This historical city is incredibly accessible for individuals with a reduced mobility or in a wheelchair. Central Prague is accessible to all, including all cafes, shops and restaurants.

    Europe really is a wheelchair-friendly place to visit, you just have to find the perfect city for your needs. To learn more about our wheelchair-accessible vehicles, please do visit our website or give us a call today!