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  • Why wheelchair accessible vehicles are important for the elderly

    adapted cars

    For the elderly, especially those who use wheelchairs, getting about can be a limiting factor in life, and simply getting to the shops can even be a difficult, or sometimes impossible task without help. As the body changes as we get older, walking, cycling and even driving can become different, and require a different approach.

    Gaining freedom

    It is vitally important that freedom is taken back by the elderly in these positions. Having friends and family to ferry you about is handy, but it isn’t ideal. True freedom is what is required, and the best tool for this is a car. Not just any car, but a wheelchair accessible car.

    Just because someone is in a wheelchair shouldn’t mean they cannot drive. Most wheelchair users drive just like everyone else, but the elderly often lose their confidence when they become wheelchair bound. The lack of awareness around wheelchair accessible vehicles may play a part.

    Adapted for appropriate use

    A wheelchair accessible vehicle is a car that has either been designed or adapted with wheelchair and disabled access as the number one focus. Ramps, high roofs, open space with secure points and even signage around the vehicle all make a wheelchair accessible vehicle easy to use for a disabled elderly person, and encourage courtesy from other drivers on the road.

    Vehicles range from those which are driven by the person in the wheelchair themselves, using adapted driving apparatus, such as hand controls rather than foot pedals, or vehicles which can be driven by an able-bodied person, whilst having special seating for someone in a wheelchair.

    At Mobility One we have an enormous range of wheelchair accessible vehicles to suit all needs. These include cars which are specifically converted with wheelchair accessibility as their sole purpose. We believe our vehicles are the perfect tool for giving elderly wheelchair users their freedom back.

    So why not visit our online showroom today to find your next wheelchair accessible car?