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  • Mobility One - After Sales

    Wav Vehicles after sales

    When purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, whether as a driver or passenger, comfort and safety are the most important considerations, but let's not ignore peace of mind when we talk about comfort and restrict the definition purely to the physical.

     Choosing a WAV should also involve a warranty which gives you peace of mind in terms of the future welfare of your vehicle.

     When buying a vehicle from Mobility One, you're offered a reliable and pro-active service that doesn't insist on you returning for repairs but rather seeks convenience. This very same mantra is included in the warranty scheme, making our used car warranty not only very clearly written, excluding any legal grey areas or hidden clauses, but also inclusive of those whose warranty has expired, seeking to aid clients via a special loyalty rate for repairs that beats the industry standard.

     When under warranty, customers are protected even to the extent that you will never have to talk to a claims agent as the entire team in the sales department can authorise work and can even arrange a local garage to carry out any repairs if needed.

     The customer aftercare program at Mobility One also considers re-purchasing vehicles, if your vehicular needs and tastes have changed. We also offer a nationwide service for both buying and selling quality WAVs to the highest standards for customer satisfaction, always seeking to provide peace of mind with the least amount of paperwork and hassle.

     Another of our chief concerns is safety, with all cars reaching the highest legal safety standards and recommending that if a WAV needs any adaptations after purchase, they must comply with all current legal and safety legislation and must be supplied with a Certificate of Initial Fitness. We are also happy to recommend appropriate companies for such adaptations.

     For the finest after sales service on WAV vehicles in Oxfordshire, contact us today.