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  • After-sales care: the finishing touch

    Renault Wheelchair Minibus

    For many, buying a car will usually be the most significant purchase in their life aside from a home. Building a good rapport with a seller is essential; you don't want to feel that you're just the next pay-cheque for the sales person, you want to know that they have your interest at heart.
    But what happens when you've taken delivery of your pride and joy?
    Here at Mobility One, you'll find that your ownership is just the start of the journey; after-sales care is just as important, maybe more so. It allows us the opportunity to take that rapport to the next level, to show you that you really weren't just the next pay-cheque to walk through the door.

    We pride ourselves on our transparency, you won't find us hiding behind a mountain of paperwork and clauses in the unlikely event of a problem. And returning customers receive a loyalty discount on all work undertaken, that's why we call it after-sales care, because we really do care.

    Of course, as much as we like to demonstrate our expertise in after-sales service, we know that life's demands can sometimes mean that finding a service centre local to you would be more convenient - well, we can help there also. We're happy to work with a variety of other garages and service centres to make life that little bit easier.

    Whilst you're contemplating your next wheelchair accessible vehicle, why not have a word with the after-sales team as well as the sales team? Hopefully you'll get to see that to us, you really are more than just a customer. Choosing a car should be an enjoyable experience - that experience starts from the moment you step through the doors and will continue for as long as you own the car.

    Why not talk to one of our friendly professionals to see what they can do for you?

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