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Happy Christmas to all our customers - past, present and future


Yes, it's that time of year again, although it seems to come round earlier every year!

The shops have been decorated for weeks, the Christmas television advert competition is fiercer than ever and there's a rush to make sure that presents are bought, events arranged and cards sent out.

Then there's the food shopping to arrange too. For some reason, even though the shops are only shut for a few days, some only for a few hours, over the Christmas period, everyone seems to shop as though it's their last chance to get food in for weeks on end. At least there's usually enough leftover to be making meals for feed everyone for the rest of the week!

Get some help for Christmas

While you're at it, do you need to buy a new mobility vehicle for doing all those trips around Christmas? A new car with more flexible access for wheelchair users can make a real difference to the hurly-burly of Christmas - shopping for presents and food and ferrying people around.

We all try to get to see family and friends over Christmas too, so the motorways are busy, even on Christmas Day. So a new mobility vehicle might be just the ticket to ease the strain over the Christmas period.

Come and say hello

However, even if you're not in the market for another vehicle, do feel free to pop in over the Christmas period if you're passing. Browse our stock to see what's coming in and talk to our knowledgeable salesmen about innovations on the horizon that will make a difference to mobility vehicle users in the future.

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