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What's happening in the world of mobility vehicles?


There are constant improvements to mobility vehicles going on all the time, But when we at Mobility One are chatting about real changes in the mobility vehicle world, it's always advanced technology that comes up.

Thinking braking systems

Many manufacturers have already linked their car's braking systems to the cruise control to give 'adaptive braking'. This applies the brakes automatically if you start catching up on the cars in front.

Reversing warning systems

Parking aid systems are common now but Bosch has developed a system that links those to the brakes too, which will work at up to 15 miles per hour. So if a car is reversing out of a blind parking spot it will apply the brakes if it detects a hazard.

The detectors themselves are receiving attention too. Parking aid systems usually have a very narrow field of view so detectors and cameras with 100-degree viewing angles are being developed that can spot bicycles and other hazards.

Driverless cars

All these systems make driving easier and safer for everyone, but the relevance to mobility vehicle users is that they all contribute toward the holy grail - self-driving vehicles.

This is of particular interest to those who are able to get in and out of vehicles under their own steam. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome - public distrust, insurance questions and of course safety.

It all adds up

But if you put all this technology into a car and link it all together, add lane warning systems, radar and other vision systems, connect it to the satnav - there's no reason why cars can't drive themselves.

In fact, driverless cars are already being tested in three locations around the UK so in a few years' time, who knows?

Trust Mobility One

Whatever happens in the future with all this technology, Mobility One will still be here in the heart of southern England to provide you with cars that suit your needs. Why not drop in and have a look round sometime soon?

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