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WAV vehicles can help give you independence and here's why

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It's the new year - a time when many start looking ahead, planning for the future and investing in a new car.

For many physically disabled persons, the desire for autonomy and independence is a highly sought-after desire. While public transport and use of disabled taxis can be useful, the latter can be especially cost-prohibitive. Moreover, while public transport is a good step towards self-sufficiency, some people who suffer physical disabilities can often feel reluctance at constantly depending on staff operators or fellow passengers for assistance. While the overwhelming majority of people are more than happy to help out, it can sometimes make someone with a physical disability feel guilty – even though they have nothing to feel guilty for.

Nevertheless, for anyone who feels the need to commute to work (or, especially, travel to specific locations that aren't effectively covered by public transport), a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) is a godsend. Even for locations that are covered by public transport, peak-hour traffic can be particularly troublesome (even for the able-bodied), with the hustle and bustle of frazzled commuters putting their own goals ahead of those of disabled passengers. In practical terms, many of the same reasons that able-bodied individuals avoid public transport (if they can help it) are shared by disabled individuals.

While it can take just as long to board a WAV as it does a bus, you might feel less pressured because you are only holding up yourself in the event of a delay; doing things on your own time is one of the primary benefits of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

To ensure that you can lead a life that is fulfilled and independent, our large range of WAV vehicles for sale in Oxfordshire is sure to impress. The Mobility One Ltd Customer Protect Warranty is very extensive, covering all of the standard components, including the engine, gearbox, clutch, brakes, fuel system, electrical system, air con, and practically everything else that is important to the proper operation of your brand-new wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

But whatever your goals for the new year, we hope that 2017 gives you many happy moments of independence to cherish with your friends and family.

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