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Top 3 Picks for March

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Finding a wheelchair accessible car can be a difficult process, so Mobility One is here to hand pick the best three top quality cars of the month so you can make an informed decision on what's right for you.

Ford Tourneo Connect (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)

This spacious yet lightweight four door model features a convenient rear ramp system complete with a rear carer's seat. Your wheelchair can be securely stowed by making use of the full four point safety system giving you ultimate peace of mind while driving. With only 43,884 miles on the clock, the 1.8 Diesel engine is reliable and guarantees ample headroom and visibility while you're driving - all for only £7,700.

Fiat Doblo 8V (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)

Grab yourself a saving of £500 with the Fiat Doblo 8V which is reduced from £5,700 to £5,200. With assisted power steering and 5 doors this vehicle allows space for manoeuvring your wheelchair and fixing it into place. With just 43,700 miles on the clock, this 2011 1.4 petrol model is as good as new. This Fiat model provides you with ultimate comfort while driving as it is equipped with air conditioning and electric windows. No matter where you are in the country we can deliver this vehicle to you, guaranteeing you the best access to mobility.

VW Caravelle EXECUTIVE TDI (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)

For a more luxury drive, try the brilliant VW Caravelle automatic complete with a ramp entry system and 5 seats plus an extra one for the wheelchair user. Coming in at just £18,600 this model will give you freedom to travel with a feeling of security that comes with the VW brand. Sporting a 2.0 diesel engine this 2012 model comes equipped with air conditioning and a touch of luxury with leather trim seats.

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