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Top tips when choosing a mobility vehicle

Mobility vehicles

There's so much to think about when choosing a mobility vehicle, and you'll want to get the best value vehicle, as well as one that meets your needs. It's easy to get carried away when you see the range of mobility vehicles for sale, but set your budget and do your research and you'll be able to make an informed choice.

Make a checklist

If you're currently using a mobility vehicle, think about the pros and cons - the needs it meets and the things that could be better. It pays to think about the future too, for example if you'll need to change your wheelchair.

Size definitely matters

There are several key factors to consider in deciding whether to go for a small, medium or large WAV - the size and weight of your wheelchair, your seated height in the wheelchair, the equipment you need to carry and the number of passengers who usually travel with you. Be realistic about the amount of space you'll need.

What about access?

We've blogged about side and rear access WAVs before, but this is a big decision that will affect the kind of vehicles available.

The three Ss - seats, safety, space

Think about where you prefer to sit and whether your carer will be able to access you during a journey. WAVs offer plenty of seating options at variable costs, so consider the comfort of your other passengers when choosing the seating layout. Make sure you have enough space to stow everything securely and that there are options for additional storage like roofboxes, if necessary. And don't forget to make sure that any safety restraints are easy for you and your carer to access and operate.

Once you've made your shortlist, contact a supplier and go for a test drive in your new Mobility Vehicle.

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