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Top tips for choosing the best mobility vehicle for you:

top tips

Once you’ve decided to get mobile, the choice of cars and scooters available can be overwhelming. Here is a handy guide that explains how to find the perfect vehicle for you:

Getting started:

1. Browse the internet or call around mobility vehicle dealers to see what’s available currently and register your interest. They can then let you know if the right car comes in.
2. Book some test drives – this is the best way to find out which vehicle will best suit your needs. It’s a good idea to book in with several specialists and try out a few different vehicles so you can compare them.

Test drive day:

1. Will it be you driving or a nominated driver? If it’s someone else, make sure they are available to test drive the car too.
2. Before the test drive, make a list of any specific features or extras you might need for your new vehicle. There are many specialist controls available, from simple attachments such as wider mirrors and steering knobs. Almost anyone can drive providing they meet the DVLA requirements for a driver's licence.
3. If the test drive is at a dealership, be sure to bring your wheelchair or any other mobility aid with you, that way you’ll ensure the car has the right fit in terms of size and accessibility.
4. Before you get down to the driving, here’s a quick mental checklist of things to look out for:
- Can you get in and out with ease?
- Is opening and closing the door ok?
- Do you have enough headroom?
- Is there enough boot space for you?

At Mobility One we offer a free at home test drive option, making it easier for you to find the right wheelchair access vehicle, that will suit all your unique needs and requirements. Contact us now to start trying out different vehicles and find the one with the best fit for you.

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