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  • How WAV can change your life

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    With Uber introducing its new UberWAV service you might wonder why you need to invest in a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) yourself. It's quite simple. Owning a WAV can revolutionise your life, giving you the freedom and independence to get out and explore the world with friends and family in an efficient and pain-free fashion. As the world becomes more accessible, a WAV gives you the flexibility to see and do it all.

    Freedom and independence

    If you don't want to have to deal with public transport or taxi drivers who may not understand your needs, then you need a WAV. Not only can your own vehicle give you the freedom to go where you want when you want, but it's a real boon if you live in a rural area with poor transport links. If you want to pop out and meet that friend you haven't seen in ages, then a WAV gives you that independence.

    Make the impossible possible

    If you tend not to travel because you find being moved in and out of your wheelchair uncomfortable or painful, then a WAV can make every journey stress and hassle free. And because family, friends and carers can travel together in comfort you can all enjoy the fun of the ride.

    Boost your confidence

    Owning your own WAV can give you a real confidence boost, particularly since your vehicle can be so versatile and adapt specifically to your needs. And with a huge range of models and makes available you're no longer limited to a van but can zip around in the really stylish vehicle of your choice.

    At Mobility One, we understand just how liberating a WAV can be and stock a huge range of models that will help you enjoy the journey every time. Take a look at the website and when you find a model you like, contact us to book a free at home test drive.