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What is a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)?

wav vehicle

A wheelchair accessible vehicle (or WAV for short) is a car which has been modified to provide wheelchair access, via either a lift or a ramp. This enables the wheelchair user to remain seated in their own chair for the journey, either as a passenger or a driver.

Just like standard vehicles, there are many different types of WAV on the market to suit different lifestyles and mobility needs. For example, a manual wheelchair user who needs additional space for multiple passengers might look for a small-medium sized vehicle like a specially-adapted Peugeot Partner or Renault Kangoo. Those using electric wheelchairs will more than likely require a larger model with a platform lift.

Each wheelchair accessible vehicle is different and there are a multitude of conversions available which can be tailored precisely to the needs of the user in order to save time and make travelling as easy as possible.

Wheelchair accessible vehicle benefits

Purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a life-changing experience for many wheelchair users. For some, the greater mobility afforded by a WAV can provide a new lease of life and can make everything from going on holiday to arbitrary tasks like doing the weekly shop much easier.

For some wheelchair users, transferring from a chair to a vehicle can cause discomfort and pain. A WAV allows the person to simply board the vehicle in their chair. This is much more efficient, negates the need for help accessing a vehicle and promotes independence.

Safety is also an important factor when it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles; as each WAV is specifically tailored to the needs of the person whose mobility is limited, the risk of injury in transit is reduced as all vehicles are subject to stringent health and safety requirements – therefore all adjustments are completed using only the highest quality materials and equipment.

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