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  • The importance of mobility and WAVs for the elderly

    wav for the elderly

    As we grow older, mobility starts to become an issue. For many of us, our bodies will get weaker with each year that passes and this can make day to day activities like walking to the shops or visiting family members a chore. While this may put a strain on life, it should never stop someone living out their life in the way they want to and, with Mobility One’s range of mobility cars and WAVs, it really doesn’t have to.

    What are WAV vehicles?

    WAV stands for wheelchair accessible vehicle. As the name suggests, these vehicles have the space and capability to transport and store wheelchairs and other mobility aids while helping to maximise a user’s mobility and make their life easier. The size and shape of WAVs varies, but typically they are large cars or small vans which allow larger wheelchairs to gain access to the vehicle while still having room for passenger comfort The wheelchair user can be either the driver or the passenger, depending on the type of WAV.

    DFW stands for drive from wheelchair and these are the types of WAVs which allow wheelchair users to control the vehicle from their chair. While this type of vehicle is generally more expensive, it can be a incredibly important asset to a wheelchair user’s life as it gives them a much greater scope for mobility, allowing them carry out many more of the daily tasks which they couldn’t before.

    Mobility for the elderly

    WAVs and DFWs are a brilliant source of mobility for the elderly as they allow them to get out of the house to carry out errands and meet with friends or family more easily. And in a world where over half of elderly people live alone and 40% say television is their main source of company (Statistics), the ability to get out and socialise could not be more important to improving their quality of life.

    If you are elderly and would like to find out how Mobility One’s WAVs can help improve your day to day life, please get in contact today.