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  • Which size WAV is right for you?

    wav parking

    There are a range of WAVs available on the market, but knowing which one will suit your needs is very important when narrowing down your choices.

    The groups are split into three sizes of vehicle, which are small, medium and large. Deciding on which is right for you will depend upon you individual requirements.

    Small WAVs

    These will fit around four adults comfortably, and they have a lowered floor which allows for extra headroom. They come with a ramp, as opposed to a lift, in order to offer easy access. The vehicles are fitted with lightweight, automatic rear access ramps, making operation simpler and safer, as the chance of anything going wrong is greatly reduced.

    Medium WAVs

    These will fit between 5-7 adults comfortably, and allow for access for a larger wheelchair. Most of the medium WAVs come with a ramp. However, if a lift is preferred this can be fitted easily to the vehicle.

    Large WAVs

    The larger models are perfect for transporting larger wheelchairs and a range of equipment that would be used for all mobility requirements. These vehicles can easily handle day to day commuting to either work, trips to the shops or any other day to day travelling requirements.

    So depending upon what you are looking for and what your requirements will be on either a daily basis or more long-term trips, there are a variety of vehicles at Southern Mobility Vehicles for you to choose from offering good access and of course the comforts of any quality vehicle.