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  • How could a handicap van improve your life?

    Disability Van

    Getting around without a car can be a challenge for anyone. When you add a disability to this, it can become a real nightmare. However, when you struggle to stand unaided or walk more than a pace or two, ordinary cars can be just as much trouble. Most cars are not designed with enough storage for both a wheelchair and even a fairly small amount of shopping, and trying to get a folded wheelchair into a limited space can mean that a disabled person feels that it becomes too much hassle for them to be included on trips out.

    The solution to this is getting a WAV, or a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. These sort of handicap vans can be a true godsend to those who have a serious disability. They allow ease of travel, without the pain of having to try and move out of a wheelchair and into a car seat. Some of these handicap vans are adapted to allow the disabled person to drive themselves. In this sort of van, the disabled person can gain a true measure of independence.

    Freedom has to be the greatest offering that the purchase of a WAV can bring to a household. The ability to do even simple things like getting yourself from your home to the doctors unaided can add a degree of genuine pleasure if you otherwise have to rely on the goodwill of other people. Along with this additional liberty, getting a handicap van can make day to day tasks far safer, as they are designed to comfortably allow the wheelchair and its passenger to enter the van, without the need for any sort of lifting mechanism.

    Given all of this, it would seem that the purchase of a WAV should be high on the priority list of any household with anyone who happens to suffer from reduced mobility or who is wheelchair bound.