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  • What does WAV mean?

    We know it’s very easy, when you are constantly using some common terms in your business, to forget that not everybody is sure of their meaning. For this blog, therefore, we thought we’d provide more detail about some of the words and phrases we regularly use. Together, they form a guide to help with successful choice and then use of our vehicles...  

    WAV – wheelchair accessible vehicles are those that have been specifically designed, or highly engineered and safety tested, to provide complete access to the vehicle for an individual while in a wheelchair whether as driver or passenger. This is how they differ from other mobility vehicles, where the individual would have to move from their wheelchair into a seat.  

    Drive From – with the driver’s seat removed, this option allows wheelchair users to control the vehicle whilst remaining in their wheelchair. It is often especially valuable for people who have recently begun to use one, or for those who can no longer transfer from their chair into a standard or adapted driver’s seat. Obviously, this is an important factor in achieving independence of travel.  

    Upfront – instead of the previous driving option, this feature allows users to move up to the front of the vehicle and remain in their wheelchair, safely anchored, while sitting next to the driver. We know, from customer comments, that this tends to deliver a much more enjoyable travelling experience for many wheelchair users.  

    Rear or side access lift + ramp – provides a series of reconfiguration options for a wheelchair accessible vehicle to allow the user to gain easy access. Side entry does allow for entry closer to the driving area and can, depending on the vehicle, often provide more room for achieving entry than from the rear. Lifts are the more expensive of the two options and the machinery, especially for side entry, will not fit into every WAV vehicle. The choice usually depends on the needs of the wheelchair user and how these can best be met. Ease of entry can also be achieved with a lowering suspension capability, and the use of an electric winch is yet another possibility.  

    In covering these terms, we hope we have simplified the picture of how our vehicles can be reconfigured. Of course, the best way to find out exactly how best we can meet your specific requirements is to talk to our expert team by calling 01869 331441 now. We are always happy to organise a home demonstration anywhere in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area, and also to take the time needed to talk through possible options and choices.