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  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles - what can they offer?

    Wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK are vital tools for helping those with mobility issues get around, but they are expensive. In some cases individuals who might benefit from a mobility vehicle can be put off by the extra cost, though there is no doubting their effectiveness. We think it's time that the benefits of using a wheelchair accessible vehicle were put out into the open to try and encourage users to make the most of them. So, what is available?

    Ease of access

    If you are a wheelchair user, ease of access to your vehicle is going to be right at the top of your shopping list when you are looking for a new car. Mobility vehicles can comfortably accommodate a full wheelchair and you have the option of things like swivel seats available that allow you to be raised into the vehicle. This is not the only option however, with things like electric person hoists also an option worth looking into.


    When you are out and about you need to be sure that you have a safe method of storing your wheelchair or scooter and you really have two major options to choose from. There are boot hoists which lift you wheelchair or scooter and stow it safely in the boot, or there is the rooftop stowage unit which stows it in a secure box on top of the vehicle. Both have powered operation so there is no physical exertion involved and putting the wheelchair in and taking it back out again is very straightforward.

    Car Controls

    There are a variety of adaptations that can be made to the actual vehicle controls to make them more friendly to the mobility user. There are things like steering aids, hand controls for throttle and brakes that can be mounted on the steering wheel and even left foot accelerators for those who suffer limited mobility in their right leg. Whatever your requirements, there is an option here to help you.

    These modifications do carry a premium with them but what they do offer is peace of mind that each time you head out to drive that all of your needs have been catered for and, ultimately, a better quality of life for the mobility user as they allow them to get around and lead a normal life. That is something that you cannot put a monetary value on.