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Keeping your mobility vehicle healthy this winter

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Mobility vehicles are essential in giving some extra freedom and independence when you are finding it a little harder to get around. They provide a real lifeline all year round but can be especially handy over the winter, when cold weather can wreak havoc with stiff joints and the icy conditions make walking with a stick dangerous. Follow our tips to ensure your mobility vehicle stays in top working order all winter.

Keep the battery warm

Have you ever noticed that your phone drains more quickly in the winter? This is because batteries tent not to like cold weather too much. To ensure your mobility vehicle isn't affected, try to take it out for a longer run around at least once every two weeks. This is especially important if you're somebody who usually only takes your vehicle out for very short trips. Making the effort will not only keep your vehicle healthy over the winter but also actually improve the battery life!

Clean your vehicle regularly

A combination of mud, rain, melting snow and the grit and salt put on the road can cause problems for your vehicle when they get caught in your wheels and other places, causing corrosion. Not only does this corrosion make your vehicle look a little scruffy but it can also cause costly damage. Keep on top of this to save on expensive garage bills later down the line!

Have regular maintenance checks

You may see some garages advertising free checks for things like oil level and tyre pressure over the winter. It is well worth taking advantage of these as, just like keeping your vehicle clean, they can help to prevent costly breakdowns or damages later down the line. It's also a good idea to check these things yourself, or get a friend or family member to do it, on a weekly basis.

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