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When purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, whether as a driver or passenger, comfort and safety are the most important considerations, but let's not ignore peace of mind when we talk about comfort and restrict the definition purely to the physical.

Choosing a WAV - what you need to know

There are over 11 million disabled people in the UK, the majority of whom experience some kind of barrier when they want to use transport. For the able-bodied, choosing a car is often a matter of personal taste and style, but disabled people face a host of other considerations.

How could a handicap van improve your life?

Getting around without a car can be a challenge for anyone. When you add a disability to this, it can become a real nightmare. However, when you struggle to stand unaided or walk more than a pace or two, ordinary cars can be just as much trouble. Most cars are not designed with enough storage for bo

The value of a car for the wheelchair bound

Having a set of wheels is a rite of passage for most teenagers and our love affair with the car shows no sign of diminishing. Having a car represents freedom to go where you want, when you want, unless, that is, you're a disabled person who uses a wheelchair. Then it gets tricky.

Choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle

Choosing the right vehicle requires lots of consideration, but even more so when buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Fortunately, there are many options that can accommodate the wheelchair user's requirements. Seating positionWheelchair accessible vehicles can be adapted according to whether the

After-sales care: the finishing touch

For many, buying a car will usually be the most significant purchase in their life aside from a home. Building a good rapport with a seller is essential; you don't want to feel that you're just the next pay-cheque for the sales person, you want to know that they have your interest at heart. But what

Test cars at your door

Everyone needs to test a car before they buy it, but for mobility users the test drive can be absolutely crucial. It goes beyond the simple things like comfort and cornering; for a mobility user, testing a car will let you know if it is fit for purpose and if it will suit your specific needs. At Mob

The best way to get around town

How wheelchair-friendly is public transport in the UK? There may have been some improvements in recent years as government and local authorities have started to address the lack of access for wheelchair users, but the fact remains that navigating towns and cities can still be a challenge for those w

Easter events in Oxfordshire

With the Easter break fast approaching, the team here at Mobility One were wondering where and what events would be a good place to suggest for you to spend some family time. As we are based in Oxfordshire, Blenheim Palace at Woodstock came quickly to mind. They have organised an Easter Egg Hunt for

Volkswagen Transporter has a lift in its tail

We see a lot of used wheelchair accessible vehicles in Banbury, Oxfordshire, here at Mobility One, but the Volkswagen Transporter T32 is by far the most spacious and tallest vehicle we’ve ever had in stock. With a full length tracking system, seats for five additional passengers, a four point

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