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  • A welcome return for the Mobility Roadshow

    03/02/2016 15:39:40

    The team here at Mobility One were really disappointed that there was no such event held in 2014. We were therefore delighted that its return was announced for 25-27 June this year. The last event in 2013 was held at the Telford International Centre, but the new venue for this year is Don

  • A brand new website, but the same commitment to service!

    03/02/2016 15:37:34

    A new year is often a time for change, and here at the Mobility One used cars centre in Tackley in Oxfordshire this means that we have been working hard on the construction of our brand new website. It’s been carefully designed by seasoned industry experts to deliver a more user-friendly and easier to navigate experience. Please take a few mome

  • Give us a Wav

    03/02/2016 15:35:27

    For those with mobility problems, wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) are a must. These vehicles ensure that you can still get out and about and do the things that you love - holidays, days out with the children, shopping trips and more - without feeling constrained by your wheelchair. Read the full blog story

  • The importance of a clear and comprehensive warranty for wheelchair accessible vehicles

    03/02/2016 15:17:21

    When mobility is of such vital and ongoing importance, as it is to the many customers with a disability who have trusted Mobility One to deliver exactly what they need, it’s important to know what you are getting and how it is thoroughly protected as you use it. We’re based at

  • The importance of a mobility name when it’s Brotherwood

    03/02/2016 15:12:23

    Our team here at Mobility One are asked many questions about the used wheelchair accessible cars we carefully choose, prepare and provide for our customers. Many are about the modifications made. In this blog, we thought we’d talk about just one example of our many wheelchair

  • Mobility One winter special offers

    03/02/2016 15:10:05

    Here at Mobility One in Oxford we think that the prospect of winter can often bring people down and leave everyone in need of a little something to cheer them up. That is exactly why for this winter period we have reduced the prices of our wheelchair adapted cars, meaning that there's never been a better time to buy a used wheelchair accessible vehicle!

    Our winter special w

  • What does WAV mean?

    03/02/2016 15:07:50

    We know it’s very easy, when you are constantly using some common terms in your business, to forget that not everybody is sure of their meaning. For this blog, therefore, we thought we’d provide more detail about some of the words and phrases we regularly use. Together, they f

  • Chrysler Voyager - SOLD

    15/11/2016 12:34:52


    Here at Mobility One we hold a first class stock of quality used wheelchair accessible cars, in a range of makes and models and a variety of specifications. Take th

  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles - what can they offer?

    03/02/2016 15:03:59

    Wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK are vital tools for helping those with mobility issues get around, but they are expensive. In some cases individuals who might benefit from a mobility vehicle can be put off by the extra cost, though there is no doubting their effectiveness. We think it's time that the benefits of using a wheelchair accessible vehicle were put out into the open to

  • Professionally converted vehicles tested and ready to use

    03/02/2016 15:04:40

    At Mobility One we like to give our customers plenty of choice, so we’ve been increasing our range of quality wheelchair adapted cars that are now available from our Forecourt at Sturdys Castle Car Centre in Tackley. We’re excited about the new stock and we’re sure

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